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The association policies are decided at the annual meeting. At this meeting, the committee is elected for one year at a time. The committee accepts members and takes care of upcoming issues as well as prepares issues for discussion at the annual meeting.

The association manages the waters and ensures that its members have the possibility to fish. The association has the fishing rights to the village waters belonging to Björkö. These have been rented to the Association by the Björkö Fishing Association. In order to become a member, candidates must have been fishing for a minimum of 5 years in Björkö and have bought an annual licence. The annual licence provides the holder with the same fishing rights as if they were a member of the association. The fishing association and annual licence is available for the inhabitants of Björkö. Candidates can apply for membership to the association. The association also sells fishing licences for sport fishermen.

In addition to the tasks concerning the association activities, the association also has the responsibility for improving the conditions for professional fishing and to manage the fish in the waters. Today, this is the most important task for the association. This involves stocking fish, protecting and maintaining spawning areas, maintaining contacts with fishing authorities, lobbying within fishing political issues etc. An example of the association activities are the 441 700 burbot fry and 4 232 River Ii-joki variety of migrating whitefish fry that were planted in the village waters of Björkö in 2003.

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