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Norra Vallgrund

Norra Vallgrund harbour

Norra Vallgrund has approximately 350 inhabitants, equally many men and women with the average age being slightly over 40. In addition to Norra Vallgrund, there is also Södra Vallgrund, and for an outsider it can be difficult to notice where the border between the two villages goes.

Because it was originally a typical fishing and agricultural area, the village has become a place where many different occupations are represented. Good communications with the centre of the municipality and Vasa city have made it possible for many villagers to work on the mainland and live in the safe and cosy environment in the village.

The centre of the village is nowadays located 10 m above sea level, and is characterised by large boulders and hill formations. In the centre of the village you will find Norra Vallgrund primary school with more than 30 pupils and the Vallgrund kindergarten. The kindergarten has children from both Vallgrund villages. The restaurant Vallan is the place where people gather in the village. At Björklund’s Handicraft, the visitor can buy hand-knitted jumpers, felt products and handicraft materials in the red handicraft house. Norra Vallgrund Youth Association owns the large, yellow youth hall where various events are arranged.

Norra Vallgrund youth hall

In the Norra Vallgrund harbour, approximately two kilometres from the centre, you will find traditional boat houses in a nice row along the shore. Next to the harbour there is also a beach. There are two boat harbours for small boats, and one municipal pier for large fishing boats.

Entrepreneurship is very active in Norra Vallgrund. You will find everything from soul trader companies to companies employing up to ten workers during the busy season. The municipality is the largest employer in the village because of the school and kindergarten, closely followed by Snickars Fisk. Among the smaller companies you will find, for example, building entrepreneurs, plumbers, a hairdresser, fur farmers, agricultural farmers and fishermen.

Text : Christel Holmlund-Norrén