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Replot hamn (foto: Johnny Ström)
Replot harbour

Today Replot village is a growing archipelago village with approximately 350 households. In the old days, most houses were found around today’s village centre, but now the settlement stretches from Replot bridge to the causeway linking Replot and Björkö. The village is growing towards Norra Vallgrund in the south. Replot village used to be the centre in the Replot municipality, which was merged with Korsholm municipality in 1973.

Today’s village looks quite different from the fishing and agricultural society it used to be. Only a few people are fishermen today and the cows have all disappeared. However, sheep can still be found in Replot village. Nowadays, many people commute to their jobs on the mainland. Due to Replot bridge, trips to the mainland have become both easier and faster.

In the village centre you will find a church and the most important amenities. The healthcare-centre, the dentist and the old-people’s home are found next to the church. In the village you will find two grocery stores and a petrol station. The post office is found at the shop “Monas Blommor”.

Replot school has approximately 70 pupils (classes 1-6). The kindergarten and the pre-school are found next to the school. Replot harbour is a meeting point, especially in the summer. There you will find a guest dock, a beach and Café Arken. Another meeting place is Café & Restaurang Berny by Replot bridge.

People living in Replot are keen entrepreneurs. In the village you will find everything from hairdressers to electrical firms and building companies. Many companies are located in the Replot industrial area, for example Lindemans Net factory, that has employed many women over the years, and Finnteho, that imports work and leisure time clothing.

There are also many active associations in Replot. In the associations, people from all over the archipelago gather.

Replot village is a beautiful safe archipelago village. The village is thriving and slowly growing. People like to live here. Especially on a warm sunny summer’s day, you will really understand why people choose to live in Replot or why people choose to visit the village.

(Text: Vivian Erlands)